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Wild Fern textile design

about brand

Wild Fern textile design is a small online store where you can find original and unique products made with a lot of love, patience and care. Wild Fern is love for the nature and simple living.

All the products in the shop are fully handmade from natural and high quality materials such as linen and cotton. The most important part of the work is the patterns: all of them are unique and designed especially for Wild Fern. The pattern of each bag, wallet or pouch is handprinted using  block printing techniques.

Using one small stamp but different colours palette and various composition, it's possible to create plenty of different patterns, in this way each piece is  will never be identical to another. 




my story

Hello and Wellcome!
 I would like to tell you a little bit more about myself, since I'am the person who work behind Wild Fern. My name is Maria and  I'am based in the capital of Finland, the beautiful and calm city of Helsinki.

The idea of making bags and working with textile professionally began when I bought my first wooden stamps to make patterns on the fabric. Working with those stamps was really inspiring and little by little I started to curve also from lino  my very own designed stamps. From my work you can understand that I'am inspired by the beauty of nordic nature and I hope that the love that I put into my work shows through for you to enjoy.

My mision is to create unique handmade products that can add character and charm to your style. 

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Photo: Alina Cherepanova @alina_cherepanova_photography